Filip Coulianos


This reference model was created for the mod Decadence.
It was used to create first person and third person models used in the mod.
The model is made out of 3000 triangles and uses a 1024 diffuse and a 1024 specular map.

Prospekt (3000 tris) image 1

Prospekt (3000 tris) image 2 Prospekt (3000 tris) image 3 Prospekt diffuse original @ 1024x1024 Prospekt specular original @ 1024x1024

Lion statue

This stone lion model was made as a prop for the mod Decadence.
The model is made out of 2700 triangles and is based on a highpoly mesh sculpted in mudbox.
The highpoly mesh was also used to generate the normal map and ambient occlusion.
The model uses a diffuse at 1024x1024, a normal map at 1024x1024 and a specular map of 1024x1024 pixels.

Statue image 1

Statue image 2 Statue image 3 Statue diffuse original @ 1024x1024 Statue normal original @ 1024x1024 Statue specular original @ 1024x1024


Below are various minor models I have made for different projects.
Additional information about the models will be displayed when clicking the thumbnails.

Carwreck for the mod DecadenceXXX Root models for the mod Decadence XXX Sandbag model for the mod DecadenceXXX Ruined bilding for the mod decadenceXXX
Utilitybox for the mod DecadenceXXX A boat for the mod DecadenceXXX

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